Minor in Textual Studies and Digital Humanities

Undergraduate students can pursue a minor in the interdisciplinary study of the history, present, and future of texts — from scrolls, manuscripts, and printed books to archival documents, digital texts, and textual data.

Nuremberg Chronicle

Students can explore how texts have been written, published, read, circulated, and archived from antiquity to today. Courses include hands-on work with historical texts, archival sources, and contemporary artists’ books, as well as with methods for editing, digitizing, exhibiting, and publishing texts. Students will also gain experience building and analyzing text-oriented databases and archives.

The minor will be of interest to students thinking about further studies or careers in editing and publishing, libraries and library science, archives and cultural institutions, and in contexts that involve working with cultural and literary texts in digital and/or archival environments.

25 credits total.

Including at least 2 course from the course sequence of courses:

TXTDS 401 Text Technologies (5, max. 10) A&H/SSc
TXTDS 402 Book Arts (5, max. 10) A&H
TXTDS 403 Archives, Data, and Databases (5, max. 10) A&H/SSc
TXTDS 404 Texts, Publics and Publication (5, max. 10) A&H/SSc

The following two courses will, in addition, be added to the core sequence and may substitute:

TXTDS 413 Texts, Data, and Computation (5, max. 10) A&H/RSN
TXTDS 414 Digital Editing and Text Processing for Publication (5, max. 10) A&H/SSc

2 additional courses from our list of approved electives. These include any of the core courses above (which may be repeated once). And courses from the list below.

And TXTDS 405 Capstone. The capstone will entail an project — an edition, exhibit, traditional research paper, portfolio, or another type of project pertinent to the topics and goals the of minor — developed over the course of a quarter, under the guidance of a chosen faculty advisor.


TXTDS 224 Histories and Futures of the Book, Texts, and Reading

TXTDS 267 Data Science and the Humanities [Offered AU 2022. See MyPlan]

FRENCH 224 Histories and Futures of the Book, Texts, and Reading

JSIS A 224 Histories and Futures of the Book, Texts, and Reading

ENGL 266 Literature and Technology

ENGL 267 Introduction to Data Science in the Humanities [Offered AU 2022. See MyPlan]

ENGL 309 Theories of Reading

ART H 400 Art History and Criticism: Haiti and Print Culture in the Age of Revolution [Offered WI 2023]

ASIAN 404 Writing Systems

ITAL 355 Culture Politics, and Media in Italy

HSTCMP 202 World Wars I and II Digital Histories

HSTCMP 292 Exploring History through New Media and Technologies

AFRAM 360 Black Digital Studies [Offered AU 2022. See MyPlan]

NEAR E 371 Love and Empire [Offered WI 2023]

NEAR E 485 Digital Media: The Middle East and Central Asia

CHID 370 The Cultural Impact of Information Technology

INFO 101 Social Media, Ethics, and Automation [Offered AU 2022. See MyPlan]